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Future Of Coworking : Will Coworking Ever Take Off In A Big Way? VIDEO

Julian Nachtigal, Chief Coworking Guru at pariSoma coworking space in San Francisco, talks to oObly about the future of coworking. He also shares his thoughts on how big corporations like Google, Apple, Microsoft might leverage the coworking [...]
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Conversations About Coworking [VIDEO]

Julian Nachtigal, Chief Coworking Guru at pariSoma coworking space in San Francisco, talks to oObly about coworking.

Startup 101 – Learning From Failures. [VIDEO]

Julian Nachtigal, Chief Coworking Guru at pariSoma and Chief Operating Officer at faberNovel, Inc (France, San Francisco) talks about his experiences with failures in startups, how he learned from it and how working in a coworking space –  [...]
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I Created A Story From Tweets Using ChirpStory

I am very excited about this! I recently got “tweeted at” by their robot – @Chirpinator – and after doing some investigation, discovered what the deal was. Chirpstory is a really cool service that lets you assemble [...]
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Apple Screws Up Your iPhone To Keep You Out Of It!

Gadget geek Kyle, who has runs ifixit.com – a website dedicated to gadget repair manuals with his partner Luke – laments that Apple has switched to a new tamper-resistant screw for the iPhone 4. This new fastener is in place to ensure [...]
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Facebook Made Less Than 1% Of Its Assessed Valuation In the First 9 Months of 2010

French webiste nouvelobs reports that Facebook made just $355 million in net income in the first nine months of 2010. This information is based on private placement prospectus that G0ldman Sachs presented in New York this afternoon to wealthy [...]

"Facebook Obsession" CNBC Documentary Airs This Thursday

With more than 500 million active users spending over 700 billion minutes per month on it’s site, Facebook has become a generational phenomena that affects almost every one of our lives in some way or the other. CNBC’s one-hour documentary [...]

Montana Police Department Uses Facebook Pages To Fight Crime

In an attempt to help businesses stay safe and open for business, Montana Police Officer Shane Winden is taking an innovative approach to fighting crime in downtown Billings (Montana). He has convinced the Department to create a Facebook page [...]
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