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Arab World Dictators Attacked By Angry Birds (VIDEO)

France 24, an international french news channel, has gone live with a TV ad that pays tribute to it’s own coverage of the #ARABSPRING revolution on twitter. According the France 24, it’s twitter followers has grown 5-fold since it [...]

Sarah Palin Email Archives – Where To Find Them Online For Your Next Comic Skit

Today, the State of Alaska released over 24 thousand pages of email correspondence (24,199 pages to be precise) from former did-not-finish-my-term-and-ran-away Gov. Sarah Palin’s time in office. The partially redacted printouts, which were [...]

Pandora Ups Its IPO Price To Reach A Projected Market Cap Of Nearly $2 BILLION.

Pandora, the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites is upping it’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) price as well as the number of common stocks offered.  The company filed [...]
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Overhyped and Unlaunched "Startup" Now Offering Free Beer and 10,000 For Job Referrals

The over-hyped unlaunched startup that hasn’t revealed what it even does is looking to hire top tech talent. So desperate is GetHipster – they don’t even own (see below) so I don’t understand why they keep [...]
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"Apple is growing like Weed." CEO Steve Jobs (VIDEO)

At a City Council meeting in Cupertino, California on Tuesday, Commander-In-Chief at Apple Inc, CEO Steve Jobs revealed plans for a new HQ for the company that “looks a little like a spaceship“. Appearing in his trademark black turtleneck [...]
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VIDEO: Apple CEO Steve Jobs Delivering the WWDC 2011 Keynote Address

Here is the full 117 minutes of video of Apple CEO Steve jobs delivering the WWDC 2011 Keynote address here in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. This is the OFFICIAL video of the event from Apple Inc!
steve jobs gets ready for wwdc keynote speech

Steve Jobs Preparing For His WWDC Keynote Speech Delivery (PIC)

Wondering how Apple CEO Steve Jobs is preparing to deliver his WWDC 2011 Conference Keynote Speech? Well, if you ask cartoonist Mark Anderson this is how he sees Steve Jobs doing it.
wwdc 2011 iphone app

WWDC 2011 iPhone, iPad App With Schedules, Sessions,News Photos and More! (iTunes App)

Apple Inc has released a new iphone, ipad app to help the WWDC 2011 attendees make the most of the event. See the download link below to get this App from iTunes. The app has several useful features including Ability To Reserve Time at the [...]
wwdc 2011 iphone app

VIDEO: iPad on iOS5 Exclusive Preview, Demo!

Can’t wait to get your iOS 5 update on your iPad? Wait no more, because Simon Pierro is here to show us a demo of iOS5 on his ipad. Truly a #MAGICAL experience!

Apple WWDC 2011 KeyNote Address Schedule In Local Time

With a lot of exciting announcements expected at Apple’s WWDC 2011 this June 6th including iCloud – Apple’s cloud based streaming service iOS 5 – The next version of iOS OS X Lion– The next version of MAC which [...]
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Video Sharing App Viddy Hits 500,000 Downloads, Gets Some Celebrity Love.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a video is worth atleast 500,000 downloads. Remember Viddy? the video sharing app that @Scobleizer thought was a “cool app” when he tweeted #viddy is adding 15,000 new users PER DAY with NO [...]
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Wharton Business School in San Francisco Reaches A Perfect 10.

Celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary this May, Wharton Business School’s San Francisco branch looks back on the last 10 years with stories from various entrepreneurs who have achieved considerable success with their startups in [...]

Catalog Spree – The iPad App That Your Man Doesn’t Want You Downloading!

Catalog Spree is the first cross-brand shopping app that fully integrates the retail catalog shopping experience with mobile shopping, social network sharing, product reviews and mobile commerce into the familiar swipe interface of the iPad [...]

Introducing Google Chromebook. Or As Ozzie Said "We Are Now In A Post-PC ERA!" [VIDEO]

At Google IO 2011 today, Google unveiled the Chromebook, the device that is going to put the last few nails on the PC Coffin. Back in october 2010, Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie had declared that we were now in a ‘Post PC’ era. And [...]

Google IO 2011 – Where To Watch Live! Livestream Telecast Schedule.

If you weren’t one of the few lucky ones who snagged Google IO 2011 tickets within the hour in which it sold out earlier this year, then don’t be depressed. Google is going to stream most of the event, including the Day 1 and Day [...]
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You Can Now Access Your Files On Wuala Right From Your Android Device!

Wuala, a service that securely stores your files in the Cloud, just release their Android App. With the android app, you can now access your photos, videos and files stored on Wuala using your Android device (phone, tablet etc). Like Dropbox [...]
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