The Art Of Programming [COMIC]

Justin Beiber Joins Viddy App shirtless topless sexy video

You Better “Believe” This. Justin Beiber Joins Viddy App, Post Semi-Nude Video Of Himself

Justin Bieber – America’s most beloved teen heart-throb and pop superstar – has joined Viddy, the video-sharing app. While a little late to this game – remember, rap’s godfather Snoop Dogg came on Viddy a  long [...]

Facebook Hug And Kiss Button

For the dislike button, fb users these days are campaigning for the right to a Hug button and Kiss button on your facebook walls. Why? This is why….
angelina joile legbombing twitter pics meme oscars

Angelina Jolie Legbombing Meme [PICS]

Soon after Angelina Jolie struck a pose at the Oscars today with her right leg showing all the way up to the hip, the internets ran amock! First, @AngiesRightLeg joined twitter, adding 60 followers per minute! Then, the memes, started popping [...]

12 Reasons Why You Got #UNFOLLOWED On @Twttr

If you are losing followers on twitter (originally called Twttr) faster than @realDonaldTrump is losing his fake hair, then you are likely committing 1 or more of the following 12 sins on twitter.

Meet The 5Mb Hard Drive That Weights Over A Ton, Needs ForkLift To Be Moved Around [PHOTO]

These days, most of us walk around with small thumb-sized USB hard drives as well as smart phone that have several gigabytes of hard drive disk space ( 1 Gigabyte = 1024 Megabyte). But did you know, not too long ago, in the 1950s, a 5 Megabyte [...]

Infering Your Political Views From Your Programming Language Of Choice

Lorenzo Danielsson, a 40 year old programmer who, in his own words, turned into a vegetable this year, had posted an informative, and mostly accurate story on the political views of programmers based on their programming language of choice waaaay [...]
oObly Owl holiday square christmas hat santa logo

Google Drops A ‘Santa Search It’ Rapping Santa On YouTube [VIDEO]

Who says Nerds don’t have fun? This Monday, Google’s Content & User Education Specialist Matt Kane released a ‘Santa Search It!‘ video that’s titled ‘Santa’s Google Search Tips Rap‘ on YouTube. [...]
alec baldwin words with friends aa american airlines tweets twitter video pics

"Let Alec Play!" The Entire @AlecBaldwin DELETED Tweets Collection [VIDEO]

Award winning American actor Alec Baldwin was removed from an American Airlines flight on Dec. 6, 2011 in Los Angeles (LAX) for playing the game Words With Friends. Baldwin and American Airlines released conflicting versions of what happened [...]

"Always annoys me when non-Christians are portrayed as reaching a Christian heaven " – Anil Dash

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Anil Dash @AnilDash

Cutting An Apple With MacBook Air [VIDEO]

A new video has surfaced on the internet that has people gasping in disbelief. A Japanese youTube user has uploaded 3 videos in as many days, that demonstrate cutting of apples, vegetables and even sea food (shrimp?) using nothing more than [...]
lol money nerds make bank n3rd jace hall video funny youtube pic photo

LOL Money. We Rock N3RD Life (VIDEO)

Jace Hall, the rapper & gamer behind I Play WoW has put out a cool video that puts the blink on n3rds. It’s titled LOL Money and is quite entertaining. If you are getting picked on because because you’re a video game geek, then [...]

Sarah Palin Email Archives – Where To Find Them Online For Your Next Comic Skit

Today, the State of Alaska released over 24 thousand pages of email correspondence (24,199 pages to be precise) from former did-not-finish-my-term-and-ran-away Gov. Sarah Palin’s time in office. The partially redacted printouts, which were [...]
hipster get job 10k bonus pbs beer photo pics

Overhyped and Unlaunched "Startup" Now Offering Free Beer and 10,000 For Job Referrals

The over-hyped unlaunched startup that hasn’t revealed what it even does is looking to hire top tech talent. So desperate is GetHipster – they don’t even own (see below) so I don’t understand why they keep [...]
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