FBI Warns Of Blackout Monday. Is This The Internet Doomsday? [VIDEO]

The FBI says more than 250,000 computers worldwide are affected with DNSChanger malware. If your computer is hacked, hackers reroute you to a another site that looks and feels the same, so you don’t even realize you have been hacked. Last [...]
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LegalZoom.com Files For A $120 Million IPO! [HIGHLIGHTS]

LegalZoom, the online legal services company, made it’s intentions to go public official by filing an S-1 form this morning with the SEC. The company plans to raise raise up to $120 million in it’s IPO (Initial Public Offering). LegalZoom [...]
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Who Supports SOPA?

(BREAKING NEWS! Congress puts SOPA PIPA on Hold! ) Wondering who is supporting the EVIL BILL that we now know as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)? Today, the Justice Department released the complete list of 142 Corporations and other Entities that [...]

Apple Sued by iCloud Communications Over iCloud

iCloud, the revolutionary free cloud computing and storage service unveiled by Apple less than a week ago at WWDC 2011 is the subject of a new lawsuit. Phoenix-based iCloud Communications, a company that provides voice-over-IP and other cloud [...]