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How Does Square App Know My Full Name When I Sign Up?

Wondering how Square, the payment device and app, know your full name when you register your account from your iPhone during the sign up process? I was, and so were thousands of other software developers and hackers. Turns out hacker John Feminella [...]

How Long Does Facebook Keep My DELETED Photos [COMIC]

Wondering how long Facebook keeps the photos that you “DELETED” from your Facebook photo albums and profile photos sections? If you ask Nitrozac and Snaggy from The Joy of Tech, they’ll say Forever & Ever & Ever. Or [...]
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Facebook IPO 2012: The Preliminary Prospectus [DOWNLOAD]

As we reported earlier, Facebook filed papers with the SEC this morning in New York to take the company public. This is the first time the whole world gets a first look at facebook’s finances and other key numbers. Here is a summary. Users: [...]
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It looks like our voices were indeed heard. The United States Senate and House leaders announced today that they are “postponing work” on SOPA and PIPA, the two controversial anti-piracy bills in the wake of large online as well [...]

Hands Off Our Internet!

A shared moment from the SOPA PIPA Protest Rally in San Francisco.
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Craigslist Founder Protests SOPA!

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark protested SOPA outside City Hall in San Francisco today. Here is the video
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5 Ways To Survive The Wikipedia Blackout

Now that Wikipedia has blacked out the English edition of it’s website, about 25 million internet users (the average visitors to wikipedia.org according to Comscore) will left in the lurch. If you are one of these 25 million users today, [...]
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Wikipedia SOPA Protest Blackout.

Wikipedia, the world’s largest free encyclopedia website, announced today that it will black out the english language version of it’s website on Wednesday (Jan 18th 2012) to protest the SOPA anti-piracy bill that is currently under [...]
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“Don’t Cry, Disney Owns The Rights To That Emotion” – Hitler Reacts To SOPA [VIDEO]

I never imagined this day would come, but for the first time in my life, I agree with Hitler! In this video published by americancensorship.org the HORROR of the SOPA Bill becoming Law are highlighted using Adolf Hitler as the main character [...]

Mark Zuckerberg Private Facebook Photos LEAKED!

While he is going around the world promoting over-sharing of all your personal information, photos, and videos on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is himself well known for not sharing much on his own Facebook page and user account. A bug in Facebook’s [...]
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Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy Passes Away At 22.

[Update 11/14 6:50 pm PST: In respecting the requests of someone close to Ilya Zhitomirskiy, I have deleted everything that my source told me about the cause of Ilya’s death and the manner in which he was discovered. The following is what [...]

Anonyops Hacks BART, Publishes YouTube Video Calling For Protests In San Francisco Tomorrow. [VIDEO]

A group of anonymous hackers known as anonyops hacked and defaced BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit System) owned website myBART.org. The website, run by an external vendor for BART, provides BART passengers with news alerts and helps them get important [...]
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Steve Jobs Preparing For His WWDC Keynote Speech Delivery (PIC)

Wondering how Apple CEO Steve Jobs is preparing to deliver his WWDC 2011 Conference Keynote Speech? Well, if you ask cartoonist Mark Anderson this is how he sees Steve Jobs doing it.

@mashagenzel: "trying to determine the cipher in which my professor left my birthday greeting "

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Mariya Genzel @mashagenzel

@anotherkate – “..so Steve Jobs can surprise you with cake on your birthday!”

Today’s Tweet Of The Day is from Kate Phillips @anotherkate

Your iPhone May Be Taking Pictures Of You (And You Don’t Even Know It!)

Next time you walk around the house naked swinging your Yodongo thinking that you are all alone, think again. Some iPhone 4 users over at Apple’s forum are reporting that a bug in the iPhone 4‘s front facing camera is inadvertently [...]
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Murder Victim’s Parent Sue Facebook For Gruesome Photos Posted By Creepy Paramedic

In spring of ’09, Caroline Wimmer, 26, was strangled to death with her hair-dryer’s cord in her own apartment in Staten Island. When 46 year old paramedic Mark Musarella – a retired and decorated NYPD Emergency Services Unit [...]
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Police Chief Wants You To Hack Your Kids’ Facebook Account To Keep Them Safe

Police Chief James Batelli says that teenage children are locking moms and dads out of their “virtual rooms” (i.e. online activities) everyday and that their parents are clueless about this. With a teenager daughter in his own household, [...]
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