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Auto-Corrected Text Message Leads To British Man’s Murder In A Bloody Confrontation

In what is widely hailed as an first of it’s kind, a British man was killed as a direct consequence of an auto corrected word in a text message. Neil Brook – a resident of Manchester, UK, stabbed the victim Josef Witkowski to death [...]
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5 Awesome Apps, And 5 Uniques Stories At “Love With Technology – Founders’ Story”

Love with Technology – Founders’ Story is a free startup event on Thu, Feb 17th, 2011 in San Francisco, California. The event, sponsored by Pillsbury – no relation to the Dougbboy brand – Law Firm, will host 5 startup [...]
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Inbox Love – Because We Live In Our Inboxes

Inbox Love is an all day event on the future of email and the inbox as a platform. The event takes place on Friday, February 25, 2011 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) at a Microsoft Conference Center in Mountain View, California. Produced by Dave McClure‘s [...]
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Learn To Engage, Monetize Online Communities At ForumCon 2011 (San Francisco Event)

Forumcon is an all day event on Febuary 16th 2011 at the Google San Francisco HQ. A team of renowned experts will provide guidance on how to effectively engage with community, give tips on how to maximize the value of your communities and offer [...]
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Startup Grind January 2011 – Featuring Jeff Smith, CEO of Smule

The 1st Startup Grind meetup of 2011 takes place on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at Vaporware Labs in Mountain View, California. Jeff Smith, CEO of Smule – a premier developer of interactive sonic applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod [...]
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Two Indian Sisters Lure Facebook User To His Death In A Ransom Plot

Two sisters from Bangalore, India allegedly lured a budding engineer – Tushar Kumar – to his death in a kidnapping and ransom plot gone terribly wrong. According to a report on, the perps – sisters Shivani and [...]

Montana Police Department Uses Facebook Pages To Fight Crime

In an attempt to help businesses stay safe and open for business, Montana Police Officer Shane Winden is taking an innovative approach to fighting crime in downtown Billings (Montana). He has convinced the Department to create a Facebook page [...]

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