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Steve Jobs FBI Files: The Full 191-Page Report [DOWNLOAD]

Acting on a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the FBI today released a 191-page file that it had on the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. The highly classified top secret report was shows that Jobs’ background was conducted [...]
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The Steve Jobs CBS 60 Minutes Interview Videos Now Available Online [VIDEO]

CBS has now shared the complete 60 Minutes interview with Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, including a number of extras that weren’t included in the broadcast piece. Here they are, in full HD for you to view and get inspired. The [...]
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Did Steve Jobs Regret His Cancer Treatment Approach?

Sometimes, being too smart and stubborn might actually drive you to make the wrong decisions that could have disastrous consequences. According to Steve Jobs’ biographer, Walter Isaacson, when CEO Steve came to know of his life threatening [...]