This Foreplay Gadget Made 12 Post-Menopausal women Experience Intense Arousal, Wild Sex Desire!

t’s well known amongst women in their 40s, that the first thing that suffers when they reach menopause, is their sex life, or lack there of. An overall decrease in blood flow to the pelvic region makes it harder for older women to get [...]

Social Gaming Expands: How The Medium Is Changing Along With The People Who Use It

We all know social media has become an integral part of people’s lives. Most of us have Facebook or Google+ accounts, and communicate to people through instant messenger or some other form of online community. However, social media also refers [...]
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8 Proven Way To Increase Your Twitter Followers And Retweets [STUDY]

Wondering how to get more shares and retweets for your twitter tweets and shares? While most blog posts are link baits, here’s something that I am sharing with you that is the most likely to work, because the tips are based on a heavy [...]

The Apple Devices Family Tree [VISUAL STORY]

For over 35 years Apple has been continuously forging innovation in the PC and Computer technology. Most recently, it has disrupted the mobile world with the iPhone and iPad and hasn’t stopped delighting it’s customers and end users. [...]
fb mark zuckerberg topless shirtless pic photo

Mark Zuckerberg Takes His Shirt Off [TOPLESS PHOTO]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught without his shirt in a rare privacy breach that is all too common in the social networking platform that he has created. Facebook director of Engineering – Andrew “Boz” Bosworth – [...]
amazing alex classroom all levels walkthrough video youtube hd no ads

Amazing Alex – Classroom All Levels Walkthrough (No Ads) VIDEO

Amazing Alex, the latest game from the makers of the all time most popular mobile game Angry Birds, is out now. Within hours of release, youtubers from around the world have published Amazing Alex walkthrough videos that show you how to achieve [...]
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iPhone Sales Estimates For Q2 2012 [CHART]

Since it launch in 2007, Apple has sold over 218 million iphone units (all families including the iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S). Germany based Statista has published a Chart of the Day projecting Apple’s iPhone sales for Q2 2012. According to [...]

The Worlds Largest LED TV Is Here! Live Preview And Demo [VIDEO]

Sharp introduced the world’s largest LED TV ever into the consumer market. The 90-inch Full HD 1080 Sharp Aquos LED TV is widely accepted as the largest TV available for purchase in the consumer home-theater market. Mark Viken from Sharp gives [...]
iphone 5 pre order china hongkong link 250 taobao english

Pre-order Your iPhone 5 Today On Taobao [REPORT]

If you want to be the 1st to get your hands on Apple’s next version of it’s flagship iPhone, then your best bet is to pre-order it TODAY on Taobao – China’s largest ecommerce store. We verified several reports, including [...]

Pumping Iron With Arnold Schwarzenegger [Vintage Video Of The Day]

Today’s Vintage Video Of The Day features the widely popular “Pumping Iron” featuring the greatest body builder of recent time and former California state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. We picked this video because it has [...]

How The DVD Died. And Why Streaming Is The Way Of The Future. [MEDIA]

In less than 2 decades, the DVD has gone from being the darling of the crowd, to a quick death by drowning from online streaming video. How did this happen? via OnlineDegrees.com
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Once The Darling Of Social Media At A 160 Million Valuation , Digg Sells For A Measly 500K.

Digg.com, the 7 year old website that was one of the earliest UGC (User Generated Content) portals with Up/down voting features, sold to New York based Betaworks. A report on the WSJ also puts the selling price at $500,000, which pales in comparison [...]
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8 Ways Guys Can Use Pinterest. Posting Pics Of Hot Chicks Is #9.

During an investor panel discussion at Glimpse Conference in San Francisco last month, one of the question posed to the panel was “How did major VCs and Angel Investors miss Pinterest?”. The response from a panelist was. Because [...]
mac os x mountain lion top 5 10 features pics

Top 5 Mountain Lion OS X Features That Will Delight You!

Mac OS X Mountain Lion – Apple’s latest version of it’s Mac operating system is close to launch in the Mac App Store. Compare to Microsoft’s Windows OS that cost 100s of dollars, even for upgrades from existing Windows [...]

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Cockpit Virtual Tour [PHOTOS]

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Airplanes – widely acknowledged as the most technologically advanced airplanes ever made – are now officially in service. The first bunch of passengers to fly in this amazing plane flew on a special “All [...]
worlds fastest photo camera most senitive pics ucla

World’s Fastest Camera Unveiled [REPORT]

Shooting at 36.7 million frames (yes MILLION) per second, with a shutter speed of 27 picoseconds (that’s 0.000 000 000 001 seconds) a new camera developed by Engineers at UCLA is said to be the world’s fastest and world’s most [...]

10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Pinterest

Pinterest – with 17 million active users pinning and sharing stuff everyday – is fast leaving other social networks behind. This also makes pinterest a great medium for sharing and marketing your products and services, but where [...]
social media profile image photo sizes cheat sheet sharing

Social Media Sharing Icons, Images, Profile Sizing Chart

Wondering if your head will get cut off when you upload that pretty headshot of yours? Here’s a social media photo, icon and image sharing sizing chart / cheat sheet for all major social networks including Facebook Google Twitter Pinterest Share [...]
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