This Foreplay Gadget Made 12 Post-Menopausal women Experience Intense Arousal, Wild Sex Desire!

t’s well known amongst women in their 40s, that the first thing that suffers when they reach menopause, is their sex life, or lack there of.
An overall decrease in blood flow to the pelvic region makes it harder for older women to get aroused and that in turn, decreases their desire to have sex.

All that is about to change, thanks to the Fiera Foreplay gadget. This is not a vibrator.

Fiera foreplay gadget, unveiled at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, promises to increase arousal and lubrication in the clitoris

Fiera has a soft suction cup that fits over your clitoris, and underneath that cup are 3 cute little massagers. These massagers gently massage your clitoris areas, helping draw bloodflow to your pelvic region. This in turn increases arousal and lubrication. You wear it for 3 to 15 minutes and then go have wild sex with your partner.

Does Fiera work?

Fiera says that a 3rd party researcher has tested their arousal stimulator gadget on 12 postmenopausal women all of whom said that they experienced increased arousal afterwards. So in that sense, there is science to back up their claims of helping who have difficulty getting aroused for sex, aroused.

Check out the video for details.

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