Oracle Giving Away Free OpenWorld Discover Passes At San Francisco’s Ocean Beach Cleanup Event

Oracle, the leader in database software and cloud technologies, is offering a FREE Discover pass if you join them for statewide Coastal Clean-up Day. This local event will join together Oracle and their partners to help clean up San Francisco’s [...]

The Stunning Oracle Americas Cup 2012 In Full Display At AT and T Park in San Francisco!

@AmericasCup just posted an incredible photos of the actual America’s Cup Prize Cup along with the SF Giants World Series Trophy from AT&T Park today. Here it is in all it’s glory! Impressive San Francisco, impressive.

Social Gaming Expands: How The Medium Is Changing Along With The People Who Use It

We all know social media has become an integral part of people’s lives. Most of us have Facebook or Google+ accounts, and communicate to people through instant messenger or some other form of online community. However, social media also refers [...]
twitter get more tweet retweets rts followers tips infographics

8 Proven Way To Increase Your Twitter Followers And Retweets [STUDY]

Wondering how to get more shares and retweets for your twitter tweets and shares? While most blog posts are link baits, here’s something that I am sharing with you that is the most likely to work, because the tips are based on a heavy [...]

The Apple Devices Family Tree [VISUAL STORY]

For over 35 years Apple has been continuously forging innovation in the PC and Computer technology. Most recently, it has disrupted the mobile world with the iPhone and iPad and hasn’t stopped delighting it’s customers and end users. [...]
fb mark zuckerberg topless shirtless pic photo

Mark Zuckerberg Takes His Shirt Off [TOPLESS PHOTO]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught without his shirt in a rare privacy breach that is all too common in the social networking platform that he has created. Facebook director of Engineering – Andrew “Boz” Bosworth – [...]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Dates Announced! Twitter Hashtag #OOW12.

Oracle Openworld announces it’s 2012 conference, starting September 30th in San Francisco! There are currently discounted packages ranging from $75 Discover pass, to full conference access for $ $2395.00. After September 28th , the prices [...]