Pre-order Your iPhone 5 Today On Taobao [REPORT]

If you want to be the 1st to get your hands on Apple’s next version of it’s flagship iPhone, then your best bet is to pre-order it TODAY on Taobao – China’s largest ecommerce store.

We verified several reports, including one on ,which claimed that the Taobao’s iPhone 5 pre-order page is complete with product prototype images and detailed technical specifications.

Sellers Taobao have started accepting the pre orders for the iPhone 5, with some just taking a deposit of 1000 yuan (converts to 160 USD) for the new iPhone while others are demanding payment in full upfront – 6,999 yuan (converts to 1,100 USD).

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How Will The iPhone Pre-orders Be Fulfilled?

According to the report, Taobao sellers intended to buy the iPhone 5 in Hong Kong and / or the United States as soon as it is released, and then “bring it” to mainland China. When pressed further about specific delivery dates and times, the sellers remained mum.

Meanwhile, Apple has not answered any rumors surrounding the iPhone 5, including the US launch dates, price, and technical specifications. That said, the new iPhone is expected to hit the US markets sometime between August and October of this year (2012) with a reported larger screen than the iPhone 4 and earlier generations. Siri, it’s flagship voice recognition AI software is also said to have new improved features.

So if you live in outside the US, in China or elsewhere and are able to fork the money on a promise, here’s the iPhone 5 Pre-order Page.

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