Top 5 Mountain Lion OS X Features That Will Delight You!

Mac OS X Mountain Lion – Apple’s latest version of it’s Mac operating system is close to launch in the Mac App Store. Compare to Microsoft’s Windows OS that cost 100s of dollars, even for upgrades from existing Windows OS, The Apple OS X Mountain Lion will retail for less than $20 – $19.99 to be precise.

This new Operating System from Apple comes with over 200 improvements as Apple – never shy in it’s WWDC conferences in San Francisco – detailed earlier this year to much show and fanfare. From background updates that don’t interfere with your Mac experience, to better security and a slew of mobile iOS features that were popular enough to make their way into it’s own version, this version of OS X is bound to be a success.

For the busy Mac user that you are, we have shortlisted what we thing are the Top 5 Mountain Lion OS X features.

1. Power Nap – So the Mac can stay updated in the background

Mountain Lion OS X ships with a “Power Nap” feature. This feature allows the operating system to make key application software and OS updates behind the scenes, while you continue to work. This feature nearly eliminates the frequent interruptions – the “Do not power your computer off while we apply 1 of 115 updates” type messages that Windows users have now resigned themselves to.

2. Gatekeeper – your personal security detail.

Gatekeeper – a feature that maximizes OS and platform security, is another important addition to Mountain Lion OS X. This is a critical feature especially for enterprise / corporate workers whose Mac almost always contain sensitive data and trade secrets files. Not much is known about Gatekeeper, so we’ll wait till the pundits tear it apart and review it.

3. iOS Features Integration including iMessage.

In keeping with it’s promise to innovate, Apple is slowly but surely introducing existing features from iOS, it’s mobile operating system in the iPhone, iPad, to the Mac. To that effect, the company has integrated a host of popular and useful iOS features into Mountain Lion, including a Siri-like voice-dictation service, iMessage, the Notification Center and expanded multitouch. Especially with iMessage integrated into Mountain Lion, you will now be able to IM your friends and family to their iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads thereby dramatically improving your communication experience!

4. Say hello to AirPlay

AirPlay sends a connected device’s screen to a television, and until now, only enterprise users were mostly using it to screen-share documents and media from their iPads. Not any more, because Airplay is now coming to Macs in Mountain Lion OS X. Caveat? You’ll need to purchase an Apple TV unit ($99 at the time of this writing) to work on a television.

5. Notification Center – So you stay informed all the time.

As we mentioned earlier, the Notification center from iOS will be making it’s way into this version of the Mac OS X. Just like iPhone and iPad users, you will now be able to receive all kinds of notifications from social networks like twitter, facebook, as well as stock quotes, weather alert and such all from one convenient place – the notification center.
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