Google Penguin Vs Google Panda Update

Google – the uberlord of the internets search – pushes changes to its search indexing and results algorithm about 500 times a year. That is roughly 10 updates per week. While most changes are so minor and as such don’t affect your site that much, every few months, an update comes along that could potentially have a major impact on your website’s ranking results.

Google tends to name these major algorithm updates after cute black and white animals – perhaps to soften the blow it has on the affected websites’ and their owners.

The Panda was first released in February 2011 with the goal of promoting high quality original content sites and demoting / cracking down on content farms and overall poor quality sites. Several major sites including were affected negatively by this update.

Just about a year later – on 24th April 2012 to be precise – Google released it’s Penguin update. The Google Penguin update targets the websites that are seemingly in violation of Google’s existing quality guidelines.

Reload Media – a leading Brisbane based Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Internet Marketing firm has published a nice infographic pitting the Penguin against the Panda to highlight some key differences between the 2 updates and how you can save yourself from persecution. Check it out!

The difference between Google Panda & Penguin Infographic


Difference between Google Penguin & Panda Infographic by Reload Media

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