Get Inside The Game Industry At GamesBeat2012 [EVENT]

The game industry as we know it is changing rapidly, with massive disruption, consolidation, innovation, and the arrival of big money across all platforms happening simultaneously. The industry leaders are transitioning from console games to online, from social games to mobile, and from the web to Facebook and other social networks.

GamesBeat 2012 — VentureBeat’s fourth annual conference on disruption in the video game market — is coming up this Tuesday and Wednesday in San Francisco.

The event will bring together industry insiders from the hottest social, mobile, online, and console companies to dig deep on crossover strategies as the market continues to shift across platforms. If you have any involvement in any capacity in the game industry, this is your chance to meet, network and learn from the very best.

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GamesBeat 2012: Who’ll Be There?

The List of Speakers at GamesBeat 2012 includes:

  • Mark Pincus, Founder, CEO & CPO, Zynga
  • Will Wright, Founder, Hive Mind & Stupid Fun Club
  • Bing Gordon, Partner, KPCB
  • Kristian Segerstrale, EVP Digital, Electronic Arts
  • Seamus Blackley, President & Co-Founder, Innovative Leisure
  • David Perry, CEO & Co-Founder, Gaikai
  • Jamie Berger, Vice President of Digital, Activision
  • Brian Fargo, Founder, Interplay Entertainment
  • Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle, CMO, Rovio
  • Neil Young, CEO & Founder, ngmoco
  • Tim Schafer, President & CEO, Double Fine Productions
  • Gordon Bellamy, Executive Director, IDGA
  • Chris Petrovic, GM of Digital Ventures, GameStop
  • Tim Merel, Managing Director, Digi-Capital

Check out the full speaker list here, and the agenda here.

On top of all this, the “Who’s Got Game” Startup Competition will uncover 6 of the hottest new startups in the game industry as they make their pitches live onstage in front of an expert panel of judges.

VentureBeat has also partnered with Zynga for the opening party on the evening of the 10th. Taking place at Zynga Headquarters, this party is sure to keep the fun going with food, drinks, photoboothing, and plenty of games!

VentureBeat promises 2 full days of action-packed sessions and high-level networking. Over 500+ executives, developers, investors, and press from all sectors of the gaming ecosystem are expected to attend the event.

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