How Dangerous Is Texting And Driving? Why Do We Still Do It?

Despite accidents and fatalities (deaths) that we see in the news everyday that are traced to the driver(s) using their mobile phones to text or call at the time of their crash, the average american driver continues to indulge everyday in this dangerous activity.

The Internet education portal recently put together the following graphic that summarizes findings and reports from various sources including The Washington Post, Virginia Tech University, the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Texting And Driving – Key Findings

  • 23% of auto collisions – or 1.3 million crashes – in 2011 involved cell phone usage.
  • 13% of drivers between ages 18 and 20 involved in car wrecks admit to texting or talking on their mobile phone at the time of their crash
  • 10% is the percentage of driving time that teens who text while drive spend, outside their lane.

Check out the entire run down of numbers and stats and let us know in the comments — why do you think people continue engage in activities that have been proven to puts their lives and the lives of others around them at serious risk of injury and even death?

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