FBI Warns Of Blackout Monday. Is This The Internet Doomsday? [VIDEO]

The FBI says more than 250,000 computers worldwide are affected with DNSChanger malware. If your computer is hacked, hackers reroute you to a another site that looks and feels the same, so you don’t even realize you have been hacked.
Last November, the FBI caught the hackers and created new servers to patch the problem. This Monday the agency is taking down those server assuming that those affected have been given enough time to fix it.

This Monday if you have internet connection and if it goes away, you will have to call your ISP and ask them how to remove the malware.

By no means is this an internet doomsday, because less than 65,000 people in the United States are expected to be affected. That is nothing consider the size of the internet users in America, which was last put at 75% of the population, which in turn translates to over 233 million people.


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