Meet The Cellphone Jerks! And How To Determine If You Are One Of Them.

Not too long ago, you were frowned upon if you used your cellphone in the bus or train, and downright loathed if you took a call while taking a dump in the bathroom.Today, 75% of Americans admit to taking a call while doing their business in the bathroom.

And there’s more.

  • 41% of mobile phone users admit to using their time on the toilet to actually make a phone call.
  • 247.5 million use cell phones have been in the bathroom
  • 16% of the cell phones that have visited the bathroom show traces of fecal matter (i.e. sh*t) on them
  • 25% of people under 25 years of age will text while having sex
  • 15% of all adults WILL answer a phone call mid-way during sex

Worst of all, we all seem to be in denial of our cellphone manners, with 90% of cellphone users delusionally thinking that they have excellent mobile manners.


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