Pinstagram Cofounder – “Its gotta be worth a lot more to put them together!”

Pinstagram, an “Instagram meet Pinterest” website was created by Brandon Leonardo and Pek Pongpaet as a weekend project. The two were jokingly throwing around ideas and thought a “Pinterest for Instagram” would be a fun and cool concept.

Soon after launching the site, the duo posted a link to Pinstagram on Hacker News under the “Show HN” section. Almost immediately, the site went viral! The same week major news sites like, Huffington Post and Forbes covered the site, with the latter featuring it under their cool site of the day – Cool Site of the Day: Pinstagram (Pinterest + Instagram)‎. Still others called it “one of the most awesome mashups ever” . One site even made a strong case for why Pinstagram might actually succeed where others have failed – see why this Pinterest clone might actually succeed.

oObly got exclusive access to the creators of Pinstagram and we quickly jumped on it to film this interview (see video above). In the video, oObly’s Margaux finds out more about Pinstagram and also gets the low down on how much millions or billions of dollars they think Pinstagram’s value would be and whether either Facebook or Pinterest has expressed interest in acquiring or acqui-hiring them.

Check it out!

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