What Brands Enjoy The Most User Engagement on Facebook?

As the world’s largest social network goes public this Friday, Wall Street and main stream media is about with speculations about Facebook Inc’s true valuation. There are also some allegations of Facebook’s growth slowing down and user engagement with brands waning.

So what are the brands that are experiencing the highest percentages of Facebook user engagement ?

A new Infographic from social marketing firm SocialBakers reveals some numbers and graphics that give us an insight into just that – which global brands are making the most of their Facebook presence.

Only 157 million (or 17%) of the 901 million total Facebook users live in the United States, which means that the remaining 83% are located all around the world outside of the Unites States, thereby giving brands plenty of room to grow their global brand awareness and reach.

Hightlights from the Think Global. Act Local Infographics

  1. With 42 million fans (“likes” on it’s fan page) Coca-Coca is the most popular global beverages brand on Facebook
  2. Coffee maker Starbucks dominates the food retail sector
  3. aConverse tops the retail apparel category.
  4. The top 10 countries in which global brands are engaging their audience has the U.S coming in at #1. leading the pack with Starbucks, McDonald’s, Xbox, Walmart and Disneyland. Right behind, at 2nd place is Brazil — with L’Oreal Paris and Trident (Kraft) — followed by India at #3 with Vodafone and Pepsi leading the way.

Which brands’ social media strategies do you believe are most impressive and convert best? Let us know what you think in the comments section here.
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