You Better “Believe” This. Justin Beiber Joins Viddy App, Post Semi-Nude Video Of Himself

Justin Bieber – America’s most beloved teen heart-throb and pop superstar – has joined Viddy, the video-sharing app.

While a little late to this game – remember, rap’s godfather Snoop Dogg came on Viddy a  long long time ago and already boasts over 160 videos and 170,000 followers – Justin Bieber still managed to add an impressive 20,000 Viddy followers in a single day, with his very first Viddy video.

And what was that video? A hot, shirtless (topless?) video… of himself, posing as if to say

Hey girls, wanna scrub your laundry on my washboard abs?

The “Boyfriend” singer took a mini break from promoting his soon to be release music album “Believe” on Twitter to coax a little Viddy love from his nearly 22 million Twitter followers — and feed their hunger and desperation in return by giving them a 15 second video footage of himself shirtless at a photo shoot.

We have reported on Viddy since it’s very early days when Robert Scoble tweeted about it’s viral popularity and growth with literally no marketing. Based in Los Angeles Viddy is an iPhone app that lets you shoot 15-second clips that can then be enhanced using “production packs” which are nothing but video effects. With over 27 million registered users, Viddy is often called the “Instagram for Videos”. The company just announced a massive $30 million funding round recently.

Now that Bieber is on board, which celebrity do you think is up next to join Viddy? Let us know in the comments below.

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