The RISE Of Hackathons! Plus Who Attends Hackathons? [STATS]

Tokbox, a startup disrupting the live video chat space with their open.tok API, has published some stats on the rising popularity of Hackathons. For those that don’t know, hackathons are (until now) somewhat geeky, nerdy tech events organized by startups and tech companies. In a hackathon, people from all walks of life (but mostly software engineers, designers and mostly guys) come together and write code, develop applications.

Many of these hackathoners have gone on to found full fledged startup companies some of which have even landed millions of dollars in startup venture capital and angel funding!

Check it out! Some surprises in here, the biggest one (in my opinion) being that Hackathons are becoming a national phenomenon, and has grown out of being perceived as a San Francisco¬† / Silicon Valley local “thing”.

tokbox rise of the hackathons hackers infographics pics charts who attends hackathons

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