How Much Cash Does Apple Inc Have?

We all know that Apple Inc has a lot of money, cold hard cash, sitting in it’s bank accounts from it’s record profits over the past few years, but precisely how much?

Here is a graphical depiction of all the money that Apple Inc has, and the distribution of that money / wealth.

Apple Inc – Cash, Cash Reserves, Net Worth Highlights

  • Apple’s Net Worth is now $553 BILLION, up from $400 BILLION from just a few weeks ago when this infographic was made. That tells you how fast it’s valuation is growing!
  • Apple’s worth, if split between all it’s employees, would be over a $7 MillionĀ  paycheck per Apple Employee!
  • Apple now has over $100 BILLION in Cash Reserves!

apple incl how much worth infographics cash reserves pics download

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