Google And To Present At The 1st Bay Area Finance Startups Meetup

Google will share it’s experiences in marketing for Financial Services technology companies, while Noca, a startup building a new online payment system will demo their solution at the first even Bay Area Finance Startups meetup event here in San Francisco.

The event is free and open to the public, but you have to RSVP here on the Bay Area Finance Startups meetup page for the event. The event will take place in downtown San Francisco close to all major public transportation at NextSpace Coworking.

Vincent Turner, an Aussie entrepreneur, started the meetup to highlight startup companies and apps that are working in the Finance domain. So this could be anything from Personal finance, to banking or mortgages, credit management, as well as payment APIs and payment solutions for developers, websites and small business owners.

Vincent is himself working on, a startup based here in San Francisco that seeks to help consumers better understand the future financial impact of the decisions they make today, especially decisions involving a credit product.

I am excited about this meetup group and here’s hoping they will have many more finance startups and apps in the future showing off what they have built!

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