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Facebook Stock Certificate [PHOTO]

Facebook Inc amended its S-1 IPO documents with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) today to include a sample copy of the Facebook Stock Certificate. This is how the Facebook Common Stock Certificate will look like, when the company [...]

How Will Mark Zuckerberg Spend His Facebook IPO Fortunes? [COMIC]

Nitorzac & Snaggy from The Joy of Tech have created yet another funny comic, this one is on how Facebook CEO and soon to be stock market BILLIONAIRE Mark Zuckerberg will spend his IPO fortunes, when they vest and he dumps them in the stock [...]
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Facebook Nurse-in Protests A HUGE Success Worldwide!

As we reported earlier, Mothers around the world, angry and upset that Facebook was censoring their breast-feeding photos and even suspending their Facebook accounts, organized a world wide nurse-in protest on Monday that now, by most accounts, [...]
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Facebook Nurse-ins Protests – List Of Participating Locations Worldwide

If you are participating in the worldwide Facebook Breastfeeding Moms Nurse-in protests on site outside Facebook offices, here is a list of Facebook offices around the world, by Country and then by City. If you live too far from one of the [...]
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Breast Feeding Facebook Moms To Stage ‘Nurse-ins’ Protests Outside Facebook Offices WORLDWIDE!

When Canada’s Emma Kwasnica, a childbirth educator, breast-feeding advocate and mother of 3 gorgeous children posted photos of herself nursing her babies, the social network giant promptly took down the photos and suspended her facebook [...]
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M.I.A Flips The Bird At Super Bowl XLVI [VIRAL VIDEO]

Today’s Viral Youtube video features our sweetheart British-Tamil rapper M.I.A (real name Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam. In tamil மாதங்கி ‘மாயா’ அருள்பிரகாசம் ) . While [...]
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Women React To Godaddy.com Superbowl Commercial

True to it’s reputation,Godaddy.com, the former SOPA supporter whose CEO loves killing endangered elephant for sport, released it’s landmark sleazy Superbowl Commercial this Sunday during Super Bowl XLVI. The Godaddy Super Bowl ad [...]
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Nip-Slip Stakeout Or Free Samsung 3D TV Play This Super Bowl Sunday?

This Super Bowl Sunday, are you going to be staking out the game on TV waiting for a nip-slip from Madonna and leave with blue balls, or are you going to experience the game with other football fans, and even win a 51″ Samsung 3D TV in [...]
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Sentiment Analysis Startup Predicts NE Patriots Winning Super Bowl XLVI!

It’s finally here. Super Bowl XLVI. In just a few hours from now, The New York Giants will face off the New England Patriots in the culmination of the 2011-12 season and playoffs. This is television’s biggest event and the sports [...]
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David Choe Friends React On His Facebook Wall

As we reported earlier, Korean-American artist David Choe stand to become one of the highest paid artist when Facebook Inc goes public, since he took Facebook shares in lieu of payment back in 2005 when Facebook hired him to paint their Walls [...]

Graffiti Artist David Choe Fixes Mark Zuckerberg’s Crappy Graffiti

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is known for writing crappy code, and the Facebook APIs are legendary amongst developers for being a nightmare to work with. Some of the developers who joined Facebook after it got traction had started with cleaning [...]

Taiwanese Comedian Shamelessly Mocks Steve Jobs In Android Tablet Ad

Taiwanese comedian and impersonator Ah-Ken shamelessly mocked the late Steve Jobs of Apple Inc in a video for a Taiwanese Android Tablet commercial that was broadcast in Asia on TV earlier this week. In the video (see below) Clad is seen wearing [...]

Graffiti Artist To Become An Unlikely Facebook IPO Millionaire

Now that Facebook has officially filed it’s documents to go public in an IPO later this year, one by one, the investors who will become filthy rich (on paper atleast) are slowing emerging. The latest in this is Korean American graffiti [...]

The Facebook Stock Symbol, And The Runner Ups (LIKE, POKE, MEE, ZUCK…)

Facebook has chosen FB as its stock ticker symbol for when it begins trading on the stock exchanges as a public company. The primary stock exchange for Facebook’s stock trading is still unknown, with the company stating in it’s IPO [...]
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Facebook IPO: Mark Zuckerberg Describes “The Hacker Way” At Facebook In A Letter To Investors

8 years after Mark Zuckerberg launched social networking site Facebook.com out of his Harvard University dorm room, the site now boasts having 845 million monthly active users and has reshaped how people share information and interact with others [...]
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Facebook IPO 2012: The Preliminary Prospectus [DOWNLOAD]

As we reported earlier, Facebook filed papers with the SEC this morning in New York to take the company public. This is the first time the whole world gets a first look at facebook’s finances and other key numbers. Here is a summary. Users: [...]

Facebook Set To Drop Its IPO Preliminary Prospectus This Morning

Facebook Inc is set to file the preliminary prospectus this morning for it’s much anticipated $5 billion IPO. The Facebook IPO is the biggest IPO ever from Silicon Valley. We will post a link to the downloadable facebook IPO preliminary [...]
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