Angelina Jolie Legbombing Meme [PICS]

Soon after Angelina Jolie struck a pose at the Oscars today with her right leg showing all the way up to the hip, the internets ran amock!

First, @AngiesRightLeg joined twitter, adding 60 followers per minute! Then, the memes, started popping up everywhere! Some of them are based on the Pepper Spray Cop Memes while others follow the standard Last Supper Jesus Memes.

We have compiled the best of Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg Meme for your viewing pleasure.

And rightly so, these photo memes are also called Legbombing!

Angelina Jolie’s #LegBombing Collection – The Compelete Set

angelina jolie right leg oscars pepper spray cop meme

At the Pepper Spray Cop Scene

angelina jolie right leg moon landing photo meme pics

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For....

angelina jolie right leg oscars meme legbombing george washington crossing delware

Crossing the Delaware River With George Washington...

 angelina jolie right leg oscars meme legbombing Tiananmen square china photo pics

Protesting At Tiananmen Square...

Giving Viola Davis And Octavia Spencer The Boot!

and last but not least, the Last Supper feat. Jesus H Christ and Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg

angelina jolie right leg oscars meme legbombing last supper jesus christ photos pics

In Attendance At Jesus H Christ Last Supper...

We hope you enjoyed these #LegBombing photos, if you have come across any that deserve the attention, please post links to them in our comments below and we will include them in this meme post!

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    Very funny, love this stuff!

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