ivoke API Lets You Productize Your iOS Apps [VIDEO]

ivoke mobile API is an iOS API (Application Programming Interface) that lets you monetize your iOS photo apps. iPhone, iPad app developers can now use the ivoke mobile API to quickly and easily add a shopping cart feature to their existing apps that will allow their users to have their photos (from within the app) on physical products like iphone cases and mugs and other similar items.

The ivoke mobile API launched at CES 2012. oObly TV’s Amarai spoke with Garry Green from ivoke to get the lown down on this iOS API. Green follows the overview with a demo of their API’s first implementation in the Toonpaint App.

ToonPAINT is an iphone app that allows you to easily create awesome looking cartoon-paintings with your own photos. Using the ivoke API, the ToonPAINT app creators were able to provide a shopping cart feature, skinned to their existing app’s color schemes and layout (so it is transparent to the user that a 3rd party API is in use). Using the shopping cart feature, ToonPAINT app users can now make iPhone cases from their ToonPAINTed photos.

Green says the API is available on their site at ivokenow.com with a starting price of $1800. Check ’em out!

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