Visualizing Zynga Social Gaming Revenues [INFOGRAPHIC]

San Francisco’s Social Gaming Giant Zynga reported it’s 2011 Q4 earning on Tuesday, it’s first public earnings report since the company started trading in the capital markets when it went public though an IPO last December.

While the company did show growth and increase in some areas, still, scaling it’s user base to a profitable place longterm seems to be a problem for the company.

Statista, a statistics database portal based in Germany, has published a nice informative infographic on Zynga’s 2011 Q4 Earning report. Here it is.

Zynga’s 2012 Q4 Earnings Report highlights

  • Nett loss of $435 million after discounting for a huge $510 million stock-based compensation charge from the December 2011 IPO.
  • EPS (Earnings per share) were 5 cents (vs 3 cents estimate by analysts). This EPS is after excluding the stock-based compensation charge and other costs.
  • Daily active users (DAUs) increasing by 6 million to 54 million in Q4 2011 (vs 48 million in Q4 2010)
  • Top 10 iOS games for Q4 2011 included Words with Friends, Dream Zoo and Zynga Poker
  • Advertising income was up 230% year-over-year.


[ Source: Statista ]

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