SocialNightlife Sneak Peek!

Based in Los Angeles, California, SocialNighlife is a new startup seeking to add the “Social” in your nightclub and bar experience. When we were at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, we got a sneak peek into the SocialNightlife platform at a private event that we were also Media Sponsors of.

What is SocialNightlife?

SocialNightlife is sort of a reward based social network for the party animal in you. There are 2 components to it. The 1st is a web-based platform, at, that lets Nightclub venues manage their events and offer rewards and promotions to patrons. The 2nd component is a mobile app (currently for iPhone only) that lets you, the patron checkin to venues, announce your arrival (called making an Appearance) and earn points towards getting real rewards at the venues you frequent the most.

Unlike Facebook events, where there is no real reward system in place, except the users rewarding Facebook with all their social data and getting nothing in return, SocialNightlife helps venue managers offer VIP service and rewards to their most loyal customers. As a patron, the more you checkin, the more REAL rewards you earn at your favorite bar or nightclub.

Here is celebrity host Victoria Recano in a conversation with SocialNightlife founder Artin Nazarian at the sneak peek event.

How are Night Clubs and Bars Using SocialNightlife?

Andrew Hudson, a VIP Host at Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas was also at the event. Hudson shared his experience using the SocialNightlife platform to manage the Venue. Hudson explains how Marquee uses the SocialNightlife technology to manage their Nightclub, reward returning customers and VIP customers, making everybody’s life a little bit easier.

SocialNightlife is still in beta right now. The website and supporting mobile app is expected to launch sometime this spring. Check ’em out!

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