Yo-Yo Ma pays tribute to Apple Cofounder Steve Jobs At Grammys 2012

World famous Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, a 16-time Grammy winner and a personal friend of the late Apple Inc CEO and Cofounder Steve Jobs, paid tribute to Jobs on the Grammy.com website today. The tribute was originally published on Entertainment Weekly, with Grammy.com re-posting it to coincide with the Trustees Award that would be posthumously given to Steve Jobs.

In the tribute, YoYo Ma reflects on how he met Jobs and became fast friends, meeting sometimes for a picnic dinner before Yo-Yo Ma’s concerts or grabbing lunch after one of Steve Jobs’ legendary presentations.

Steve was ever eager to share the latest “one more thing.” I will never forget how he pulled out a prototype of the iPhone for me and the astonished members of the Silk Road Ensemble at UC Berkeley, or the conversation about intuition versus intelligence and the importance of stimulating disciplined imagination in our students to ensure an innovative workforce. His life’s work was a reflection of his father Paul’s lesson: “When you make something, make sure the back is as beautiful as the front, even if nobody sees it.

Check out the rest of the tribute here.

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