Inside the Steve Jobs FBI File: LSD Acid Trips, Bombs, Narcissism And More! [VIDEO]

As part of fulfilling a Freedom of Information Act request originated by Michael Morisy of, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a background check report on the late Apple Inc CEO and Cofounder Steve Jobs. Even though the FBI dossier is heavily redacted (i.e. sensitive information is obscured or removed completely) it still contains a lot of never before known information about the life and times of Steve Jobs.

In this video are some hightlights from the Steve Jobs FBI Report.

Steve Jobs FBI Report – Top Revealations, Highlights

  • Steve Jobs had a Top Secret government security clearance while working at Pixar.
  • Several mentions of Steve Jobs’ using the drug LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) popularly know as ACID, during his schooldays.
  • Statements from friends, family about his mistreatment of Lisa, the daughter born out of wedlock whom he initially refused to even acknowledge or support.
  • A few friends and relatives questioned about Jobs characterized him as someone who “twists the truth and distorts reality.”
  • Two un-named individuals described him as “strong willed, stubborn, hardworking and driven, which they believe is why he is successful.” They further stated, however, that Mr. Jobs possesses integrity as long as he gets his way.
  • A woman who was reluctant to discuss Jobs because she had “questions regarding his ethics and morality” described him as a visionary, charismatic but narcissistic individual who was “shallow and callous to people in his personal relationships.”
  • In his interview with the FBI — which he postponed for at least three weeks — Jobs said he had traveled to the Soviet Union but was not a member of the Communist Party or any organization advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government.
  • Steve Jobs was also a member of the New York Athletic Club, but had never once been there.
  • On Feb. 7, 1985 Steve Jobs received a bomb-threat at Apple as well as an extortion attempt to the tune of one million dollars against him. Using a pay phone, the caller of the threat said there were three bombs in Jobs’ residence and demanded $1 million in unmarked, un-dyed bills, claiming that a fourth explosive would go off if police were notified. Steve Jobs notified the FBI anyways, and the FBI dusted the pay phone for latent prints and searched both Apple and Jobs’ residence for bombs.

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