Women React To Godaddy.com Superbowl Commercial

True to it’s reputation,Godaddy.com, the former SOPA supporter whose CEO loves killing endangered elephant for sport, released it’s landmark sleazy Superbowl Commercial this Sunday during Super Bowl XLVI.

The Godaddy Super Bowl ad features race car driver Danica Patrick and Biggest Loser show celebrity Jillian Michaels painting .CO domain logos on a sultry brunette wearing nothing but some paint and a smile.

And from the looks of it, all the SOPA protests barely seemed to have made a dent in Godaddy’s profits, because they’ve dropped a whooping $3.5 million for this 30 second commercial.

Is Godaddy Sexist? Are They Objectifying Women?

Reactions to the Godaddy Superbowl Commercial on twitter, from both men and women was universally negative.

LifeHacker.com founder and blogger Gina Trapani tweeted.

#Superbowl ad PSA: Switch from GoDaddy to @hover or @namecheap. GoDaddy supported #SOPA, shoots elephants & portrays women as objects.

gina trapani lifehacker sopa godaddy superbowl ad tweet pics

Elsewhere, on Change.org member Kelly Himsl Arthur has created a petition urging Godaddy to stop producing sexist ads.

protest godaddy superbowl sexist ad women petition change org sign link

Finally, Rhea Drysdale, CEO and Cofounder of Outspoken Media, tweeted this photo of reactions to the Godaddy ad accompanied by a tweet that said.

GoDaddy does have a unifying power. LOL…

What did you think of the Godaddy Ad? Was it over the top, or are we all over-reacting?

Let us know in the comments below, or on twitter @oObly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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