Graffiti Artist To Become An Unlikely Facebook IPO Millionaire

Now that Facebook has officially filed it’s documents to go public in an IPO later this year, one by one, the investors who will become filthy rich (on paper atleast) are slowing emerging. The latest in this is Korean American graffiti artist David Choe.

In 2005, when Mark Zuckerberg moved to Palo Alto and opened the first Facebook office, he hired David Choe to paint the walls of their newly leased office.

Sean Parker (of Napster fame), then President of Facebook Inc, offered David Choe a few 1000 dollars worth of Facebook’s shares (the company was of course private back then). Choe now tells the media that at that time, he thought that Facebook was “ridiculous and pointless.”. Still, he took the offer.

6 years later, Choe got affirmation of his decision when Facebook filed to go public in a $5 billion IPO, and by most calculations, his net worth stand to shoot up to $200 million when Facebook’s shares start trading in the stock markets.

That said, Choe is an already successful man. His graffiti work has been exhibited all around the world and, of course, he has a Facebook fan page also.

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