Graffiti Artist David Choe Fixes Mark Zuckerberg’s Crappy Graffiti

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is known for writing crappy code, and the Facebook APIs are legendary amongst developers for being a nightmare to work with. Some of the developers who joined Facebook after it got traction had started with cleaning up after Zuckerberg’s crappy code.

So it comes as no surprise that Mark would try his hand at something else, and require an expert to pick up after him. By now, we have all heard about Graffiti Artist David Choe who stands to make about $200 Million from the Facebook IPO this Summer.

In this video that surfaced on the internets last month, David Choe allows Mark Zuckerberg to try his hand at Graffiti painting. Zuckerberg draws a crappy stick man. Choe then allows the crappy stick man painted by Zuckerberg to stay on the wall, and paints around it to make a beautiful work of art.

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2 Responses to "Graffiti Artist David Choe Fixes Mark Zuckerberg’s Crappy Graffiti"

  1. Graffiti says:

    I’ve gotta give it to David Choe, he really saw the potential in Facebook! I saw in a recent documentary that the money his shares are now worth means nothing to him.. Makes you wonder why he took the shares in the first place?

    • Maybe the fact that his art is more important to him than money allowed him to take shares thinking that Facebook (at that time) was a struggling startup. Hey Adam, your Graffiti looks awesome too! Are you based in the Uk?

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