Automatically Recognize Digital Content In Your iOS Apps With Audio Magic Live TViD SDK, API

oObly TV got a sneak peek at some ground breaking video and live TV technology today at Macworld iWorld 2012 here in San Francisco.

Audible Magic is here showing off some of their Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technologies that mobile app developers can use, identify live broadcase content in real time in their apps and smart devices.

Their patented SmartID and CopySense automated content recognition (ACR) uses “digital fingerprint-based” technology to accurately identify content using both audio and video image signals. Identification is based on the perceptual characteristics of the audio and video itself which allows it to accurately identify content across file formats, codecs, bitrates, and compression techniques.

The approach claims to requires no dependence on metadata, watermarks or file hashes. It’s immune to many typical transformations such as transcoding, downmixing, equalization, injected noise, timescaling, framedrops, grayscaling, cropping, image shifting, contrast and brightness adjustments, blurring, camcordering, etc.

Their SDK/API is a very simple command-line interface that enables quick scripting or API calls that enable integrating the CopySense technology into any of your iOS applications. MiSo App is currently using some of their technology.

Check them out at Macworld iWorld in the App Showcase section Jan 26th to 28th 2012. If you see oObly TV crew, come say Hi!

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