Lifelike Steve Jobs Action Figure!

If he were alive, Apple CEO Steve Jobs would’ve sued this company to the ground. A website called In Icons ( ) is advertizing 12 inch action figures that look eerily like the real Steve Jobs, right down to Jobs’ forehead, the subtle wrinkles under his eyes, the peppered gray beard, even the veins on his hand.

And like some sort of a cruel joke, the “12-inch-high collectible action figure of Jobs” are priced at $99, just like most Apps in the iTunes App Store originally started off at 99 cents.

For $99, In Icon promises to deliver:

  • one realistic ‘head sculpt;’
  • two pairs of glasses;
  • a ‘highly articulated body;’
  • three pairs of hands;
  • one tiny black turtleneck;
  • one tiny pair of blue jeans;
  • one tiny black leather belt;
  • one chair;
  • a backdrop with ‘one more thing;’
  • two tiny sneakers;
  • two apples (‘one with a bite’);
  • and two teeny tiny black socks.

While In Icons has not been responding to anyone’s request for comment, their website states that these $99, 12-inch Steve Jobs action figures will start shipping worldwide starting in February 2012.

However, most apple watchers and tech blogs (including oObly) are really skeptical that the figure will actually ship. Right now, this looks like some college kid gone crazy with Photoshop.

Apple enthusiasts will remember that Back in 2010, Apple blocked a company called M.I.C. Gadget from selling a Steve Jobs action figure on Ebay, declaring that the action figure was a violation of Apple’s copyrights and trademarks.

Frankly, I think Apple should come out with something like this on their own, on Steve Jobs Day 2012, to celebrate and honor the life and times of Steve Jobs.

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    Hey there, can anyone able to recommend on good free Ebay app that can bid automatically just before the auction ends? (I cannot remember what this is called. thankyou

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