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Facebook Halves Its IPO To 5 Billion!

Facebook Inc was previously expected to raise 10 billion from it’s IPO, given it’s valuation of around 100 billion. However, according to several major news agencies today, Facebook has cut the number of shares offered – and [...]

Facebook Gets Ready To Go Public, IPO Expected This Spring

Facebook Inc could file documents with the SEC to go public as early as next week, according to a report on the Wall Street Journal today. The deal is expected to raise almost $10 billion and propel the Social Network site’s valuation [...]
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Angry Birds Coming To Facebook!

Rovio, makes of the world’s most popular game Angry Birds, announced on their blog on Wednesday that the game will be available on Facebook starting February 14th, 2012, which is also the holiday of love, Valentine’s day. You can [...]

David Beckham Super Bowl Ad From H&M Bodywear Leaked! [VIRAL VIDEO]

H&M premeptively “leaked” it’s Super Bowl XLVI ad 2 weeks before the actual game, today. The ad features football (soccer?) star David Beckham sporting various pieces from the new underwear collection called “Bodywear” [...]

Automatically Recognize Digital Content In Your iOS Apps With Audio Magic Live TViD SDK, API

oObly TV got a sneak peek at some ground breaking video and live TV technology today at Macworld iWorld 2012 here in San Francisco. Audible Magic is here showing off some of their Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technologies that mobile [...]
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Facebook Halts Its Trading In Secondary Markets

The stock market today is abuzz with rumors that social networking giant Facebook might be preparing to file it’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) with the SEC as early as next week.  These rumors originated after Bloomberg news and other [...]

Social Media Explained

Found this on my friends facebook feed, just couldn’t resist. I see pee all over this “wall”.
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Apple Earnings: $46.3 Billion In Revenue, 37 Million iPhones &15.4 Million iPads Sold!

Apple Computers posted solid earnings and revenue once again for it’s fiscal year Q1 2012 (which ran from from September 25th to December 31st, 2011). Considering they didn’t even need another iPhone (iPhone 5?) to make these spectacular [...]

Get GigaPan EPIC Pro At $100 Off!

EPIC Pro, the most popular robotic panohead from Gigapan, makers of the popular gigapizel panorama DSLR photo equipment, are extending their CES 2012 discount code offer to run past last week. Here is the discount code to get the EPIC Pro GigaPan [...]

Macworld iWorld 2012 – Location Address, Days And Hours

The 1st Macworld | iWorld – an event that used to be called Macworld – will take place in San Francisco, California this week from 26th (Thursday) to the 29th (Saturday). The location is the same as that of Apple’s WWDC 2011, [...]
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Macworld iWorld 2012!

The ultimate iFan event for those who use, create, love and lust after Apple products opens to the public in San Francisco this Thursday under the new name of “Macworld | iWorld“. This was previously the Macworld event. Paul Kent, [...]
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It looks like our voices were indeed heard. The United States Senate and House leaders announced today that they are “postponing work” on SOPA and PIPA, the two controversial anti-piracy bills in the wake of large online as well [...]

Hands Off Our Internet!

A shared moment from the SOPA PIPA Protest Rally in San Francisco.
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SOPA Can Send Brides To Jail!

If you think only technology startups and websites are affected by the SOPA Bill, think again. Dailyaisle.com Co-founder Kim Dowd explains to us how SOPA can affect every one of us in the United States, even wanna be brides getting married on [...]
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Craigslist Founder Protests SOPA!

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark protested SOPA outside City Hall in San Francisco today. Here is the video
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5 Ways To Survive The Wikipedia Blackout

Now that Wikipedia has blacked out the English edition of it’s website, about 25 million internet users (the average visitors to wikipedia.org according to Comscore) will left in the lurch. If you are one of these 25 million users today, [...]
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Google Strikes Back!

The world’s most influential website, Google.com, protested the evil and dangerous SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) today by blacking out it’s popular Google Doodle on the home page, as well as it’s logo on all it’s search [...]
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Wikipedia SOPA Protest Blackout.

Wikipedia, the world’s largest free encyclopedia website, announced today that it will black out the english language version of it’s website on Wednesday (Jan 18th 2012) to protest the SOPA anti-piracy bill that is currently under [...]
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