Mark Zuckerberg Private Facebook Photos LEAKED!

While he is going around the world promoting over-sharing of all your personal information, photos, and videos on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is himself well known for not sharing much on his own Facebook page and user account. A bug in Facebook’s “Report Inappropriate Content” feature, discovered earlier this week by a forum user (“ThePoz” a.k.a. High Warlord) , opened up access to the private photos of any facebook user. We even posted a video of how to view the private photos of anyone in Facebook by exploiting that bug.

While Facebook scrambled to fix the bug, an internet user exploited the hack to download the private photos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself! These are photos that Mark Zuckerberg did not want to share with anyone. All told, about 14 private photos were downloaded and posted to

Here they are, for your viewing pleasure.

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