Apple Releases "Share The Fun" iPod Touch Ad On Thanksgiving Day [VIDEO]

In less than 48 hours since Samsung released it’s new Galaxy S II phone ad that mocked Hipsters standing in line for the iPhone, Apple has released an ad for the iPod that is full of hipsters. The iPod Touch commericla first aired on television today during the Greenbay Packers Vs Lions Thanksgiving Football game.

The video – full of hipsters looking all “cool” and appearing to be having a lot of fun – promotes Apple’s idea of “Sharing the fun” and appears to have been timed to coincide with the Holiday Shopping spree that is about to decend on America!

Check it out.

Reactions To The Apple iPod Touch Hipster Ad

The ad was received very negatively – or atleast that’s what I observed in social media on twitter immediately after the ad aired. Almost all the negative reactions were fixated on the fact that Apple used a bunch of hipsters in the ad to promote the new iPod Touch.

Hipsters in the iPod touch commercial make me not want one. Get a new ad campaign apple, #ihatehipsters

@willsimonson ( Will Simonson ), 24 Nov 2011

Just saw an iPod touch ad with a bunch of hipsters in it.. A little #disappointing

@jakesippel ( Sake Jippel ), 24 Nov 2011

You know that there are too many hipsters in the world when… Apple makes their iPod touch commercial hipster mania.

@alliedew ( Allie Dew ), 24 Nov 2011

Everyone in the ipod touch commercial I just watched was dressed like a hipster

@danclarke10 ( Daniel Clarke ), 24 Nov 2011

Even the iPod touch commercials are full of hipsters now #HeadDesk

@HotPotOCoffee ( Ridge Brown ), 24 Nov 2011

Whats with all these hipster kids on the new ipod touch commercial

@JessVentt ( Jessica Vento ), 24 Nov 2011

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