Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Film To Show at Landmark Theaters Around The USA

While rumors about Sony Pictures‘ plans to turn Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography into a movie are still floating around, Apple fanboys and fangirls, as well as Steve Jobs fans get to see their hero in the big screens in the upcoming documentary film called Steve Jobs: the Lost Interview.

The film is actually footage of a 1995 interview of Steve Jobs that film-maker Robert Crigely recorded with for a 1996 PBS and BBC mini-series called “Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires” – an epic mini-series featuring the origins of the Personal Computer industry and how Silicon Valley became the epi-center of technology and innovation.

A highlight of the miniseries episode was Cringely’s interview with Steve Jobs in which he went after Microsoft, criticizing it for making bad products. That candid, controversial, and raw interview with an old associate  – Cringely used to work for Steve Jobs at one time – is still considered the best TV interview Steve Jobs ever gave.

Robert Cringley’s original interview with Steve Jobs lasted for about 70 minutes, but only 10 minutes made it to the final cut of the mini-series. The remaining 59 minutes of raw footage of the interview were thought to be forever lost when the tapes disappeared during shipping!

Now, two decades later, the lost tapes resurfaced in London when VHS copies of the tape that the director kept — and forgotten — in his garage were unearthed. While the director didn’t see any commercial value in the interview, Cringley thought otherwise. He pitched the recording to American business magnate and investor Mark Cuban, who agreed to screen the interview at Landmark Theaters in 17 cities around the United States, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York and of course, Palo Alto.

Check out this section for dates, times and locations for the screening of ‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview‘ at a Landmark Theatre in your City. Don’t miss it!

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