GitHub Now Available For The Enterprise.

GitHub, the web-based hosting service for application software projects that use the Git revision control system is now available for the enterprise. Github made the announced on its blog today.

What this means is that now, corporations and companies that currently host their own versions of Git or even other source control software in their infrastructure can easily use their existing mode of authentication (ex. LDAP or CAS) to use GitHub enterprise. This means not having to worry about maintaining Git or other revison control software inside your corporation, which, many times, means lot of lost hours in server maintenance, troubleshooting etc.

How Much Does GitHub Enterprise Cost?

As of the launch today, GitHub Enterprise is priced at $5,000 per 20 users, per year. There is no extra software to buy, nothing to install or manage either. I think this is a great deal consider all the time that gets spent (wasted) every year around the world in IT shops and IT divisions of corporation troubleshooting and maintaining source control systems inhouse.

GitHub Enterprise – Is There A Free Trial?

Right now (as of Nov 1st 2011), GitHub enterprise is offering a 45 day free trial to try out their SAAS for the Git revision system. Signup for your free trial here.

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