FEEL Who Is Calling You With The ViBe Android App

ViBe is a Android application that lets you set vibration patterns for your various phone contacts. Think of it as caller ID with vibration patterns. Once set, whenever you receive a phone call from the contact, the phone will vibrate based on the pattern you have set for that caller using the ViBe app.

vibe android marketplace app vibration patterns screenshot

Now why would you need this app? I can think of at-least 3 situations.

1. For Accessibility: For blind and visually impaired people, feeling the vibration patterns will automatically help “identify” a caller before actually answering the call. So in essence, this app will help blind people screen their phone calls. This, I think, is the most important and most useful usage scenario for the ViBe App.
2. In Meetings: Say you are in an important meeting and have your phone on mute, but you are expecting an important call from your family or mortgage broker (not any more?) or someone else important. Wouldn’t it be nice to set a custom vibration pattern so that if you do get that call, you can gracefully exit the room and take the call?
3. To avoid being that Annoying Co-worker: Annoying ring-tones are the #1 biggest gripe that working people have about their co-workers. We all have that 1 (more actually, right?!) co-worker with a really annoying ring-tone. Even if we think our ring-tone is cool or “cute”, others may not. So being able to set custom vibrations for your contacts will help you avoid being that *annoying* co-worker. In some cases, it may actually make you look “cool” because you are on the latest and greatest apps that your co-worker did not know existed!

Get the ViBe Android App from the Android Market place here.

Apple Fanboys and iOS peeps will be happy to note that the latest iOS version – iOS5 – has built in capabilities to add custom vibration patterns for your contact.

ViBe app is created by Base2Apps. Base2Apps CFO and Co-founder Paul Benjamin tells me that they are the first to release such an app on the Android Market!

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9 Responses to "FEEL Who Is Calling You With The ViBe Android App"

  1. Sargon says:

    I can think of many social scenarios where this app will come in handy! Great app. Can’t wait to see the latest updates!

  2. SimonSays says:

    I love this app! Only improvement would be to add the same kind of vibrations for text messages too. besides that, 5 stars :-)

  3. Paul says:

    Thank you for the post! We have a series of new features coming in the next release..stay tuned!

  4. Awesome to know when a family member is calling while I’m in a meeting and not have to pull out my phone! Great article too looking forward to hearing what’s in the next update to the app.

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