Get Inside The Business Of HyperLocal At The Street Fight Summit 2011!

In March of this year,Ben Wood, Google’s head of Reseller Partnerships for North America reported that 1 in every 5 Internet searches focuses on local places and topics; 1 in 3 over mobile devices. JiWire also reported that 57% of consumers are more likely to engage with an ad if it is relevant to their location. It is quite clear that 2011 will be looked back upon as the year that location based services and apps reached a turning point. (That and the year that Apple’s Steve Jobs’ passed away.)

As the battle to disrupt and dominate location through daily deals, location-based services, apps and hyperlocal publishing continues, Street Fight was born in April 2011 in New York City with the primary goal of being the news analysis site tracking the hyperlocal industry. Street Fight is co-founded by Laura Rich (formerly of Recessionwire, and The Industry Standard) and David Hirschman.

In two weeks, Rich and Hirschman will host the first ever worldwide Street Fight Summit, a 2-day conference in New York City on October 25-26 where leaders from Yipit, Foursquare, Gilt City, Patch, Topix, Curbed, and others will convene to discuss the burgeoning hyperlocal marketplace. With old media trying to figure out how to save their local markets, and small indie blogs feeling indignant about corporate media encroaching on their space, all parties have a big stake in the sustainable business models that will survive in the hyperlocal marketplace and the Street Fight Summit becomes increasingly relevant.

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Whether you are a startup or a traditional media or brand, if you are doing business in the hyperlocal space, you do not wanna miss this conference. The Street Fight Summit 2011 schedule is designed with you in mind and will help you develop strategies and ideas for succeeding in this new and exciting space.

The Tickets for the 2 day event cost 599$ and can be purchased here.

For details on the speakers, panels and sessions, checkout the Street Fight Summit 2011 Section on Street Fight.

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