“We Are All Steve” – Viral Video Paying Tribute To Steve Jobs

An entertaining and well produced video paying tribute to the late Steve Jobs (former CEO of Apple Inc) is making its round on the internets.

And yes, like you, I too wondered how this video was posted on youtube exactly a month to date before Steve Jobs actually passed away! Still wondering…

What More Can I Say? Faviorite Lines?

Here are my favorites lines from this video. What are your favorites?

I’m not a hater, The creator With imagination. I drop technology that inspires entire nations.

I don’t mean to boast, But damn if i don’t flex. Them hackers gonna act like they built OSX

I will literally, Kiss Bill G in the forehead. Tell PC forgive me, Then squeeze out the market till its dead

And no I ain’t from parents with whole lots of cash Or live any life well above middle class

Young, Steven the God steady droppin heat. I’m at the Mac Keynote, Try to cop a seat

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