Who Was Steve Jobs’ Real Father?

Steve Jobs’ real father was (and is)¬†Abulfattah Jandali a Syrian Muslim who came as an immigrant to the United States in the 1950s. Abulfattah Jandali later added the middle name John and is still working at age 80, as the VP at a Casino in Reno, Nevada.
Abulfattah Jandali was born in 1931 into a traditional family in Homs.His father did not get a university education, but was a millionaire, owning several villages. His mother was a traditional Muslim woman living in a (even now) male dominated arab country.

Jandali but did not spend a long time in Syria. He left for Beirut (in Lebanon) when he turned 18 to study at American University in Beirut. During his time there, Abulfattah was also very active in the nationalist movement. He demonstrated for the independence of Algeria and even spent three days in jail.

After graduating from the American University in Beirut Abulfattah wanted to study law at the University of Damascus to be a lawyer, but his father discouraged him frmo doing it, saying that there were too many lawyers there.

So he decided to pursue his higher studies in economics and political science in the United States instead and landed at Columbia University in New York. Later, her to the University of Wisconsin and got a scholarship for his master’s degree and doctorate. That’s where he met Joanne Schieble Simpson (Steve Jobs’ real mother), and the rest, as they say, is history!

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