Steve Jobs At The Gates Of Heaven (CARTOON)

A funny cartoon of the late Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) at the Gates of Heaven, telling St Peter that he has an App for the checkin.

Yes, I know, Steve Jobs was a Buddhist (and not a Christian) but there’s a whole other story to how that played out on the Internets!
[cartoon via pailheads ]

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5 Responses to "Steve Jobs At The Gates Of Heaven (CARTOON)"

  1. Eben says:

    St Peter bro. how can it be. Steve Jobs was a Buddhist, Hes’ not meeting Jesus Christ he will be meeting someone else.

    • james says:

      who to say buddist dont go to heaven maby God is behind every religion after all what better way of loving others than finding someone who really different. did you know there different versions of Jesus christ Horus from the egyptian myths was born 21st dec mother impregnated herself he wondered the desert to fight over his enemy seth. ur a christian right ? well that comes from ur childhood if u were born in a muslim country to a muslim family and went to a muslim school you would be a muslim right now.

  2. Helle says:

    Just see the fun in the idea. !! DonĀ“t take is so serious!!

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