steve jobs dead photo on apple site how did steve jobs die cause of death

"Death Didn’t Happen To Steve, He Achieved It" – The Steve Jobs Eulogy

Mona Simpson – Steve Jobs’ real (biological) sister – allowed the New York Times to publish an op-ed of her Eulogy celebrating the life of her dear brother this Sunday. Mona Simpson, now a novelist and professor of English [...]

What Were Steve Jobs Last Words?

According to writer Mona Simpson – Steve Jobs’ real sister – the last words that Steve Jobs said before moving on to the next life were
steve jobs dead photo on apple site how did steve jobs die cause of death

Like His Products, Steve Jobs’ Kitchen Was Small But Sleek And Functional

Steve Jobs had his kitchen designed just like his apple products – Small and Simple, yet really functional and sleek. Here is a design of the Steve Jobs Kitchen, by Designer Johnny Grey  – who, btw, has also put up a design for [...]
steve jobs dead photo on apple site how did steve jobs die cause of death

Steve Jobs – On Flipping Startups

Of the many quotes attributed to the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, there is one relating to startups, that really stands out.

At 35$ A Unit, How Did India Pull Off The World’s Cheapest Android Tablet?

At the beginning of this month, Kapil Sibal, Minister of Communications and Information Technology of India, unveiled what he declared was the world’s cheapest Android tablet. Called Aakash (which means “Sky” in Hindi), the [...]
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Who Was Steve Jobs’ Real Sister?

Steve Jobs’s real ( i.e biological sister ) is Mona E. Simpson (born Mona Jandali). Mona Simpson is an American author and currently serving as a professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Sadie Samuelson [...]
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Steve Jobs Book Flying Off The Shelves In An Unlikely Place… China!

Dog and Cat meat aren’t the only commodity that people in China are fighting over. Citic Press – the publisher of the Chinese version of the Steve Jobs Book / Biography – claimed that “Steve Jobs” was flying off [...]
steve jobs book cover pic photo image

Steve Jobs Memoir Now Available On iTunes As An iBook

The much anticipated biography / memoir of (late) Steve Jobs of Apple Inc is now available digitally as an iBook on the iTunes App Store. “Steve Jobs“, the epic biography that Walter Isaccson wrote after conducted more than 40 interviews [...]
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The Steve Jobs CBS 60 Minutes Interview Videos Now Available Online [VIDEO]

CBS has now shared the complete 60 Minutes interview with Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, including a number of extras that weren’t included in the broadcast piece. Here they are, in full HD for you to view and get inspired. The [...]
steve jobs dead photo on apple site how did steve jobs die cause of death

Did Steve Jobs Regret His Cancer Treatment Approach?

Sometimes, being too smart and stubborn might actually drive you to make the wrong decisions that could have disastrous consequences. According to Steve Jobs’ biographer, Walter Isaacson, when CEO Steve came to know of his life threatening [...]

World’s Cheapest Android Tablet: Aakash – Specs And Prices

We got our hands on some specs for Aakash, the world’s cheapest Android tablet. The price for getting one – in Indian Rupees and US Dollars – are also included here after the specifications.
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FEEL Who Is Calling You With The ViBe Android App

ViBe is a Android application that lets you set vibration patterns for your various phone contacts. Think of it as caller ID with vibration patterns. Once set, whenever you receive a phone call from the contact, the phone will vibrate based [...]
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Introducing Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Google simulataneously unveiled two things. 1) Android 4.0 / Ice Cream Sandwich: The latest version of the Android OS coming to smart phones next year (2012). 2) Galaxy Nexus Android Phone: The Galaxy Nexus mobile device os a smartphone [...]
android icecream sandwich icon download pic market google

Top 7 New Features in Android 4.0 / Ice Cream Sandwich

Today, Google unveiled it’s latest version of the Android OS, Android 4.0 a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich a.k.a. ICS, coming to smart phones next year (2012). Here are the Top 7 features of Android 4.0 / Ice Cream Sandwich that you are gonna [...]
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Man Uses "Find My Friends" To Bust His Cheating Wife, Files For Divorce And Thanks Apple, The App

‘Find My Friends‘ is a new FREE app (requires Apple’s iOS 5  – the software that powers iPhones, iPads) that, according to apple is “a great way to track and meet up with friends“. If your friends agree, [...]

Google I/O 2012 Dates And Venue Announced! Save The Date!

Google I/O 2012 dates and venue are out! Google’s Monica Tran (Developer Marketing) announced it today on the Google Code blog. The 2012 Google I/O Developer Conference will take place in San Francisco at the Moscone Center West on April [...]

Apple Expected To Announce Blowout Earnings Of Nearly 30 Billion For Q4 2011!

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is scheduled to report its fiscal fourth quarter ( Q4 ) results after the stock market closes on Tuesday. With Apple co-founder, Chairman and icon of the company Steve Jobs passing away on Oct. 5 and the company’s [...]
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Get Into Street Fight 2011 Conference With A 20% Discount / 100$ Off!

Looking for discounts for the Street Fight Summit 2011 over at New York City? oObly groupies get a whopping 20% off discount code for you. Here it is.
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