Kindle Fire Commercial 2011 (VIDEO)

Immediately after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Kindle Fire to a packed audience, Amazon also release a commercial (TV ad) for the Kindle Fire. The ad tried to justify the name for Amazon’s color tablet by trying to connect the word [...]

Amazon Unveils Kindle Fire, A $199 Tablet Device (VIDEO)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos today unveiled the Amazon Kindle Fire, a full color tablet device powered by Android OS. The Kindle Fire is priced to sell at $199 a piece, and is expected to works with all of Amazon’s media services. Here is the [...]
case mate 5 iphone 5 screen design leaked screenshot casemate cases pic

iPhone 5 Screen Design LEAKED! [PICS]

Case-Mate, makers of iPhone and iPad cases and screen protectors inadventently published a new iPhone5 case design on their website that gives us some insights into how the iPhone 5 screen is going to look like. They quickly pulled the page [...]

Cutting An Apple With MacBook Air [VIDEO]

A new video has surfaced on the internet that has people gasping in disbelief. A Japanese youTube user has uploaded 3 videos in as many days, that demonstrate cutting of apples, vegetables and even sea food (shrimp?) using nothing more than [...]