Top 5 Considerations For Buying An iPad / Tablets

Tablet devices like the iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook are likely to be the hottest gifts during this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas season. So if you are shopping for such devices you might be wondering what features to look for before making your decision, considering there are so many choices at various price points out there.

iPad, Tablet Devices - So Many Choices!

iPads, Tablet Buying Features List

1) Apps – It’s fine to own a futuristic-looking device, but software is what makes tablets must-own mechanisms. So it’s best to invest in a tablet model that gives you access to a slew of apps that will let you do all of those things and more.Research the apps that you can’t live without and find out if they’re universally available. Some apps are available on all tablet platforms, while others are exclusive to specific manufacturers. Case in point, the wildly popular strategy videogame “Angry Birds” is available on every platform (iOS, Android) while the fantasy beat-’em-up game “Infinity Blade” is exclusive to Apple’s iPad only at this writing.

2) Functionality – Tablets are only as useful as their included functions. Therefore, it makes sense that buyers want models that perform multiple duties. Again, it all comes down to the apps, specifically, the way that software makes use of those additional instruments. Some apps utilize cameras or GPS systems to snap pictures and determine distances, respectively. Consequently, customers can’t use those functions if the above mentioned accessories aren’t included in their tablet’s arrays.

3) Price – Cost isn’t always the most important factor, but some tablets are still luxury devices. And it doesn’t make sense to drain your bank account if you can find a nice deal on one. Most handheld computers cost a few hundreds dollars. The only exception to this is HP’s Touchpad device that sold at retail prices as low as $99. This was, however, an exception to the rule, driven by HP’s goal to exit the market all together.

4) Size – Portability is one reason that tablets caught on so quickly. There’s nothing more convenient than having all of your favorite leisure activities right in your hands. At the same time, it’s also important to consider a tablet’s display dimensions. For that reason, make sure that the model you choose will satisfy both of those aforementioned needs.

5) Storage – At the end of the day, a tablet is only as good as its included storage space. Therefore, consumers need to know that their machines have enough memory to store all of their favorite apps. No one wants to dump their favorite downloads, especially if they’ve paid good money for them. Therefore, a tablet with cavernous memory is more desirable, but be prepared to pay for the extra space.

And after you make a decision about a tablet device, don’t forget to purchase an accessory that will protect it. A case or a cover can make a world of difference if your handheld computer accidentally hits the floor!

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