Twitter Town Hall – How Did President Obama Perform? [VIDEO]

This morning, we were witness to history when President Barack Hussein Obama hosted the first ever Twitter Town Hall online at

Flanked by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (@jack), the President went onto a live stream and directly answered questions tweeted to the #AskObama hashtag on twitter.

How did he perform? Well, New York based Simply Measured – a startup that helps marketers get social media data and create beautiful, custom reports and analytics in Excel and online has the stats and graphs.

Here we go! Check out the video, and if you can’t read on for the stats.

There were over 70,000 tweets during President Obama’s Twitter town hall today from 11am to 12:10pm Pacific Time (that is about 70 minutes).So the conversation held steady throughout the event at ~1,000 tweets per minute.

Jobs, taxes, and debt seemed to be the biggest topics. Marijuana legalization also saw considerable attention from tweets. However, the President did not directly answer any questions relating to the Maijuana legalization.

As for @townhall twitter followers, well, the account really took off by way of adding new twitter follows all the way leading up to the event. There was a big jump in followers in the hours before the live steam started and the audience continued to grow steadily throughout the event.

As far as the geographical distribution of the tweets are concerned, no surprises here. Washington DC, the political nerve-center of the United States, led the way by a wide margin, followed by New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington. Seattle had the least engagement of the big cities, coming in at 2%

That’s it as far as the 1st twitter townhall and engagement are concerned. Big oObly hoot out and thank you to for compiling these stats. Check them out at

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