LEAKED! Facebook Secretly Developing Instagram-like Photo Sharing App

Social Networking site Facebook is reportedly working on a mobile photo sharing app that – from the leaked photos we have seen so far – looks striking similar to Instagram, the most popular mobile photosharing app that crossed 500 million downloads this week.

According to a blog post on Mashable, which in turn quote tech blog TechCrunch, photos of this ‘stil-in-development‘ mobile apps were leaked to TechCrunch, about 50 mb worth of screenshots and such.

facebook photo sharing app leaked screenshot preview pics

This is not the first time that Facebook is copying an already successful application (Instagram in this case) and leverage it massive userbase to it’s advantage.  Back in March of 2009, Facebook revamped it’s status page functionality to be exactly like twitter status update tweets.

Will the Facebook Photo Sharing App kill Instagram?

Will this kill Instagram? I don’t think so. The same way it didn’t kill Twitter when it copied twitter’s status updates functionality, and the same way it didn’t kill Foursquare when it built it’s Foursquare-like check-in functionality called ‘Facebook Places‘.


[via mashable, via techcrunch, photo via via techcrunch]

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  1. John says:

    They are stealing in the same way that almost every camera app came out with “vintage” looking picture settings. They will have a busy intellectual property attorney if they sue everyone of them… but I’m sure Facebook knows what they are doing.

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